Send Later and Boomerang now work together

Posted By on Sep 27, 2011

Over the past couple months, we’ve been thrilled with how many people have chosen to upgrade to a paid Boomerang account. We’ve also been inundated with requests for how we could make Boomerang even better. Originally we planned on packaging them all together into a single mega-release to bring our customers to tears of joy and strike fear deep into the hearts of email servers everywhere, but we decided some of them were too good to wait.

We’re proud to announce that the first of a series of updates is here: Boomerang response tracking and Send Later now work together.  Before, the two features could only be used separately.  But now, you can Boomerang a message back to your inbox if you don’t hear back within a designated amount of time, regardless of whether the message will be sent now or scheduled to be sent later.  The combination of these features makes for an email salesforce brimming with potency!



We don’t like to brag, but we’re pretty sure this is the first time ever you can schedule messages AND track responses from within your regular email interface.

If you haven’t downloaded Boomerang already, do it now.  It’ll change your life—or your inbox at least.

Cheers and enjoy,
The Baydin Team

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