Help Boomerang find where to donate $50,000 for carbon capture research in 2023

Posted By on Nov 2, 2023

The deadline for submissions has been updated to December 5, 2023

At Boomerang, we have the privilege of dedicating a share of our profits to various worthwhile causes annually. We believe it’s essential to give back to our community, as it reflects our commitment to making a positive impact and putting people at the center of what we do.  

We’re really proud to be able to contribute to worthy causes, such as: 

Now, it’s time for our annual tradition of giving back to continue, and we need your help.

Help Us Find Our Next Donation Recipient in Carbon Capture 

This year, we’re looking for an underfunded, US-based academic lab or research organization working on carbon capture technology

One of the critical components of helping to offset global warming is carbon capture. And many of the big, well-funded players in the space are on it. But we’re a startup, which means we’re looking for high variance, big swing projects that are still too early for more established funding sources like NSF. Think of this as the pre-seed stage of climate tech funding.

This will be our fifth year donating to this cause. 

  • The first year, we donated to an academic lab in Colorado State working on genetically engineered thin film microalgae for carbon capture. 
  • In year two, the recipient was part of Project Carbon at UC Davis, working on soil amendment for better carbon sequestration while providing better crop yield. 
  • We chose micro-algae-driven carbon capture research led by Dr. Yantao Li at the University of Maryland for Boomerang’s 2021 Climate Donation. You can read more about Dr. Yantao Li’s work here. We want to find any nascent technological ideas for carbon capture.
  • Last year, in 2022,  we donated to two projects:
    • Professor Maria Maldonado of the University of California Davis on her research into the respiratory proteins of giant kelp to develop respiration-based strategies to enhance net carbon capture. 
    • Professor John Coates’ Lab at the University of California Berkeley. His proposal involves working on making bioplastics cheaper to manufacture by adapting a species of bacteria to convert methane into bioplastic polymers using perchlorate respiration instead of oxygen respiration. Our team was given a detailed look at his research earlier this year, and the potential blew us away. 

And we’re looking for this year’s recipient!  

How to Submit Your Proposal

If you’re a researcher or a student working on new carbon capture technology and could use some funding, please submit your application here:  

Please include: 

  • Name, Organization, and Contact info 
  • A one-page proposal attachment describing your proposed or current project details and how you would use the funding 
  • Confirmation that your organization is 501c3 eligible and you will be able to provide a tax-deductible receipt.

NOTE: The Deadline for proposals has been updated to midnight Pacific time on Tuesday, December 5, 2023. 

If you have any questions, please contact

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