Data Delving

Over the past year, our customers asked Boomerang to remind them if they didn’t get a response to over 40 million emails. Writing emails that get responses is an incredibly valuable skill – and what makes an email likely to get a response is hard to determine.

There’s a lot of advice about how to write a good email on the web, from general writing advice to full sets of pre-written email templates. But almost none of that advice shows the data behind it (usually because there isn’t any), and a lot of it is contradictory.

So when we set out to send out a year-in-review email (yes, this was supposed to go out early in January, but we hit the lunar new year instead – happy Year of the Monkey!) to Boomerang users, we decided to make that email different from a typical startup year-in-review email. Instead of focusing how much we’ve grown* or showing off our swanky new logo**, we decided to figure out what factors really matter when you want to get a response to your messages and send that instead.

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The 2016 presidential race has given us Trump, Bernie, and most excitingly (if you’re an email geek) a plethora of emails to and from Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush. The State Department has published scans of thousands of pages of Hillary’s emails from a private server she used during her tenure as Secretary of State. Jeb Bush, meanwhile, self-released over 280,000 emails from his time as Florida Governor on While some...

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