Now you can schedule meetings in just 2 clicks without leaving your email.

Posted By on Mar 30, 2022

Introducing Bookable Schedule.

With the advent of working from home and hybrid remote/office working, the need to be efficient with our time has gotten more pronounced, not less. Whether it’s in-person, a Zoom call, or a virtual meeting across time zones, the number of meetings we need to attend has increased dramatically. While not every meeting could be a single email, it shouldn’t take more than a single email to schedule one.

Up until now, you had two options. You could send emails back and forth and back and forth doing the dreaded scheduling dance adding to everyone’s stress and workload. Or you were forced to use a solution that was easy for you but put all the work onto the people you’re inviting.

Today we’re proud to roll out Bookable Schedule. You can use Bookable Schedule in Gmail or our iOS app. (Bookable Schedule for Outlook and Bookable Schedule for Android coming soon!).

Bookable Schedule saves the time and hassle of having to set up and share meeting invites over and over again. Simply set up a Bookable Schedule of available times and you can share it as often as you want. 

And just like our other scheduling options Share Free/Busy and Suggest Times, Bookable Schedule sends the people you invite our patented, clickable Magic Live Calendar. That way they can choose a time to meet right in the email

Plus, no matter when the person you invited opens their email, they’ll always see your availability as of that moment. It can even show dual time zones and allows for the people you invite to overlay their calendar right over the Magic Live Calendar in their inbox.

What’s in it for you as the scheduler:

  • Easy to use – Right in your Gmail or our iOS app inbox. Take only 2 clicks to schedule each new meeting
  • Efficient – Set up once and reuse it with anyone you need to schedule
  • Powerful – Integrate multiple calendars. No effort required to keep your availability updated. 
  • Flexible – Customize for complete control over your schedule with buffer times, max number of meetings, minimum advance notice 
  • Convenient – Zoom, Google Meet, Auto-invites teammates or additional stakeholders as the meetings get scheduled

One of the things we pride ourselves on using technology to put people at the center of productivity.

What’s in it for your guest, client or customer:

  • Respectful – No power play. No awkward scheduling links or robot assistants involved.
  • Personable – Offer them specific time slots in dual timezone with their name and email address pre-filled
  • Easy to use – Right in their email regardless of what email client they use.
  • Convenient – Overlay with their own availability to find the time to meet.

What’s in it for both! 

  • Magic Live Calendar – Instant confirmation eliminates back-and-forth emails
  • Error free – No more time zone misunderstanding or transcription errors
  • Smooth – All meeting details you need in your calendar event with options to reschedule or cancel
  • Equality – Equally convenient for sender and recipient. No more offloading the scheduling hassle to your guest

Ok, we’ll let you get to scheduling now! But in case you have more questions, here are some answers (with some helpful links):

Happy scheduling!

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