Life 101: Introducing My Tax Reminders and My Wedding Reminders

Posted By on Jul 2, 2014

Don’t you wish there was a class in high school or college called “Life 101”?

In an ideal world, the curriculum would include topics such as:

  • The Technical Terminology of BS-ing About Wine and Cheese

  • How to Watch an Entire Season of a TV Show in Two Hours

  • Creating the Perfect Instagram Hashtag for Every Social Outing

  • When Am I Allowed to Whine?: A Guide to Asking Your Parents for Help After You’ve Declared That You’re An Adult Who Can Do Whatever She Wants

Okay, maybe the ideal world I’m referring is the universe of HBO’s Girls.


In a more rational, responsible ideal world, “Life 101” would skip over Instagram and teach us about some of the basic rites that have plagued stuck with humanity since the beginning of time: taxes and marriage.

Well, huzzah! Two of the Baydin interns are here to fill in those lessons you could only dream of—Krista Katzenmeyer, one of our two Software Engineering Interns, and Daniela Lapidous (me!), the Word Wrangling Intern.

Introducing the result of weeks of hard work and being locked in the storage room (at least it had pretzels!…just kidding): My Tax Reminders and My Wedding Reminders.

These are both free tools that send critical email reminders straight into your inbox, with action items, links to helpful content from the experts, and an occasional dash of good humor.


My Tax Reminders will help you never forget a (United States) tax deadline again, with several options to suit your needs from quarterly estimated taxes to reporting taxable tips. We even include reminders about adjusting payroll withholdings and selling stocks to offset taxes. That’s right—My Tax Reminders also reminds you to never pay more taxes than you have to.

Signing up feels like high-fiving yourself.


On the other hand, signing up for My Wedding Reminders feels like a nice, deep exhale.

Planning a wedding can be a long and stressful process, but we can take a load off your shoulders by sending you a monthly checklist of critical tasks you should be accomplishing starting from a year away. Check out the grand plan, which includes everything from food to fabulous outfits to wedding welcome baskets. When you sign up, the emails you receive will also include links to 59 top-notch articles by 26 wedding bloggers that we curated. Because you should be spending more time with your fiancé(e) than searching “how do i book a caterer?! omg help.”

You can sign up for My Tax Reminders at any time, of course, and the same goes for My Wedding Reminders — whether you are 16 or 7 months away, it’s easy for us to catch you up wherever you want to jump in.

Although this Life 101 session doesn’t involve lessons on wine as we might have dreamed, our new reminder tools pair pretty well with Boomerang for Gmail (zing!). When you get a reminder and think oh, this is so perfect, if only I could get this one again next week…just send it back into outer space and schedule it to come back to you at a convenient time.

We hope you’ll share My Tax Reminders with all of your friends and My Wedding Reminders with friends who are engaged and/or someone you want to drop some not-too-subtle hints to.

Happy Reminder-ing!

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