Hello Friends!

Posted By on Jun 14, 2013

Hello Friends! I’m Lo – short for Lauren – and I am so so excited to be joining the Baydin team as the Customer and Office Happiness Liaison. I found out about Baydin through a friend and jumped on the opportunity to be a part of something super awesome when I saw they were looking for someone. So far, I have found it to be a great fit because of the strong cheese focus in the office (cheese being my favorite food, I talk about it as if it were my child).

Right before coming back down to California to join the team, I had a two year stint up in Seattle where I got to be a live-in nanny and worked at Apple as a Genius which is mostly a fancy way of saying I fixed computers and made sure our customers left happy. Most of my free time, though, was spent exploring the city, finding all the cool places where the hipsters hang out, and Geocaching. I also worked on becoming more fierce – something about the gloomy weather just inspired me to make it my life goal and you can follow my progress on my Twitter feed and Instagram.

I grew up just outside of Malibu and went to school at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo and received a Bachelors in Architecture. Although I’m not actively pursuing architecture at the moment, I know that one day I’ll jump back into the design world. For now I really dig the startup mentality and am excited to see where this next step takes me. I look forward to making our customers happy and creating an awesome environment for us to work in.

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