Happy Birthday Boomerang!

Posted By on Aug 15, 2013

This week marks Boomerang’s third birthday. To celebrate, the Baydin team had a Monday full of red meat, assorted dairy products, athletic interaction with mother nature, fried things, and cheap wine. To summarize, we ate a ton and kayaked.

First, we traveled via an intern’s parents’ mini-van to Sauced in Livermore, CA, where we dined on enough Rednexican Nachos (nachos + pulled pork) and assorted barbeque platters to make our resident vegetarians slightly uncomfortable. The phrases, “I’m so full I’m about to die,” and “Owww” were overheard, but the sight of fried Oreos and Baskin Robbin’s ice cream cake retriggered our appetites. “Dessert stomach” is real. Fortunately, we remembered to sing “Happy Birthday” to Boomerang before digging in.

After our meal, we loaded up and drove to Del Valle Regional Park to rent kayaks. The weather was perfect, and though some of us were more talented than others (cough Lo-Chi), we had a blast paddling, swimming, and posing like cats (apologies for rough photo quality).

After physical activity, it was necessary to re-hydrate immediately. We drove to the nearest vineyard (name withheld because they wouldn’t let us sit on their porch) and bought two bottles of wine to enjoy with our classy assortment of snacks: white cheddar popcorn, trail mix, Doritos, and [more] Oreos.

We didn’t want to give this particular vineyard any more of our money (and we remembered we had several bottles at the office) so we drove back to Mountain View, making a pit stop at Bon Chon because we realized we were lacking the vital nutrients one can only get from fried chicken. We ate our chicken, drank a bottle and a box of wine, designed a flow-chart with the intention of getting an intern a date, and worked on the company hobby: thousand-piece puzzles.

It was an amazing day and it wouldn’t have been possible if a server and a code hadn’t loved each other very much and created Boomerang! We can believe (s)he’s three years old already–kids grow up so fast.

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