Experience the Magic of Easy Team Meeting Scheduling: Introducing Boomerang’s New Features

Posted By on Aug 7, 2023

Raise your hand if you’ve lost hours trying to book a meeting with multiple team members and a customer? Or worse, a potential customer?

We’ve been there, and that’s why we’re excited to introduce Meeting Scheduling for your Team. 🎉 With our scheduling app, you can schedule group-based meetings in just a couple of clicks —a huge time savings over the hours of back-and-forth emails and “what about this time?” calendar confirmations. Say goodbye to scheduling headaches and hello to a seamless, more respectful and yup, even fun way to schedule meetings for your team. (We said it. Yes, we did.)

The Magic of Better Meeting Scheduling

In today’s fast-paced workplace, team efficiency and time management are paramount to success. The usual methods of scheduling meetings rely on manual calendar checks, endless back and forth emails or using meeting scheduler links that put the responsibility of finding and confirming meeting times on the recipient, which can lead to double-booked meetings and missed opportunities.

Boomerang’s Bookable Schedule is different.

The secret sauce behind our meeting scheduling tool is in our patented Magic Live Calendar, an always up-to-date, clickable image right in your email that makes scheduling a breeze. Imagine if sending meeting invitations created a moment of delight for your recipients (instead of a headache).

Even more important, you’ll book more meetings. Boomerang users are more than twice as likely to get the meeting booked than when you send out a scheduling link alone—without the endless followup.

(And for a bonus benefit, Boomerang users tell us their recipients love the “cool factor” of one-click scheduling right on the calendar in their email—and who doesn’t love looking like an innovator?)

The Features that Make Meeting Scheduling Easy

With Bookable Schedule, you get all the features you need to be efficient and productive, including multiple calendars, Zoom and Google Meet integration, dual time zones.  It integrates seamlessly with Google Calendar.

And now all of the innovation that comes with our Bookable Schedule can be used across all of the meetings you have to schedule:

  • One-on-one meetings with a colleague,
  • a group meeting with multiple team members and a client, or 
  • meetings with workflows behind them, such as demo requests that need to be scheduled in a rotating order. 

What’s New: Meeting Scheduling for Teams

Ready for a productivity boost?  The new features in our meeting scheduling software extend the power of the Bookable Schedule to your entire team – which means you can book meetings with multiple people in just a few clicks.

Here’s how the new features work:

Offer Meetings as a Group with Collective Meeting Scheduling

How often do you need to wrangle multiple calendars to book that one client meeting for your team?

New Collective Schedules sync your team’s availability into one calendar schedule, so your guests will be presented with only the times that work for everyone. (Yes, it is like magic.)  And the best news? Set up the schedule once and share it as often as you like. It will always be up to date. Scheduling made easy. Really.

Or rock that meeting schedule, robin-robin style

Round Robin Meeting Schedules are for sales and support teams, teams across time zones, or anyone who needs to spin the wheel of availability for one-on-one meetings.

New Round Robin Schedules combine each team member’s availability to offer the best time, based on your rules: earliest available or next in rotation. That gives your customers more options to book your next meeting or demo faster.

How Meeting Scheduling for Your Team Works 

These new schedules run on our Magic Live Calendar, so they are always up to date!  No more back-and-forth emails across team members to find that one miracle time slot. Boomerang will automate the entire scheduling process for your team, which eliminates the risk of double-booking and saves hours of time.  

Watch this 3 minute demo to see how to easily schedule meetings for your entire team:

Meeting Scheduling for Teams is available now for Gmail users. These features will be coming to Boomerang for Outlook later this year.

Why We’re Excited about these new Meeting Scheduling Features (and you should be, too)

Some of the things we love about the new Team Scheduling:

  • Faster meeting scheduling: Once you’ve set up your schedules, it’s just two clicks after that for you or your team members to schedule meetings right from your inbox. 
  • Unlimited Schedules that automagically update: Because our Magic Live Calendar presents a live view, your schedules will never go out of date.  (Give it a try.) 
  • Easy account management in one place: Now you can manage all of your users, teams and team schedules in one place. 

But beware! It’s very likely that Boomerang may completely transform the way you work. You may never go back.

Give Better Meeting Scheduling a Try

Ready to give it a try? It’s easy to get your team started with Boomerang for Gmail. Sign up for a team subscription to schedule more meetings, faster, and grow your business.

Have questions? Request a demo and we’ll be happy to help, or check out our articles to walk through how it works.

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