Help us find where to donate $50,000 for carbon capture research

Posted By on Nov 30, 2021

At Boomerang, we’re fortunate enough to be able to donate a portion of our profits to different causes every year. For example, we’ve helped build several schools in Burma and funded a mobile school classroom and a couple academic labs working on carbon capture technologies. We are continuing the tradition of giving back this year and we’d like your help in finding our next recipient.

One of the critical components of helping to offset global warming is carbon capture. And a lot of the big well-funded players in the space are on it. Good for them. But we’re a startup which means we’re fans of the scrappy underdogs. Which is why for this Giving Tuesday, we’re looking for an underfunded, US-based academic lab or research organization working on carbon capture technology

This will be our third year donating to this cause. The first year, we donated to an academic lab in Colorado State working on genetically engineered thin film micro-algae for carbon capture. The second year, the recipient was part of the Project Carbon at UC Davis working on soil amendment for better carbon sequestration while providing better crop yield. We want to find any nascent technological ideas for carbon capture.

If you’re a researcher or a student working on new carbon capture technology and could use some funding, please submit your application by sending a one-page proposal describing your proposed or current project details and how you would use the funding in an email to

Help us find where our donation should go by sharing this blog post far and wide. But hurry, the deadline for submitting a proposal is midnight December 10th, 2021 Pacific Time. 

Let’s do this!

P.s: Our tax accountant reminds us to include that the recipient must be part of a tax deductible organization. 

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