Boomeranging Around China

Posted By on Sep 17, 2015

This is a guest post from Boomerang customer and professional photographer, Greg Goodman.


Xianggong Hill in Guangxi, China

Boomerang Beginnings

We all know Boomerang is an incredibly useful email tool.

What you may not know is how awesome the Boomerang team is!

Last December, I had the fortune of photographing Boomerang’s holiday party. As a regular user of the app, I felt like a fanboy while getting to know the kind, down-to-earth, funny and inspirational group of people behind it.

I also got a free tee shirt; which is where our story begins.

Volunteering and Traveling in China


Greg in his Boomerang shirt at the Great Wall

Recently, I traveled to China as a volunteer for Alliance for Smiles – a non-profit organization that provides free surgery to impoverished children suffering from cleft lip and palate.

After an emotionally charged two weeks as the mission’s documentary photographer, I hopped on a local bus and began to explore the country.

With the Boomerang logo emblazoned across my chest – or rolled up in my backpack – I hiked mountains, explored ancient cities, made new friends and climbed the Great Wall of China.

Australian travelers especially loved my shirt – asking me why I like boomerangs so much. They had no idea it was actually an app… until I told them, of course.

Managing my Business in China – With Boomerang

Like many of you, I frequently use Boomerang to help manage and schedule my emails.

One feature that really helped me operate my business from China was Boomerang’s “Send Later.” Although I did most of my work during Chinese business hours, the huge time zone differential meant it was still “last night” for my clients back in the US.

By using Boomerang’s Send Later feature, my important emails were delivered at the optimal time for the recipient. AKA, after they had time to sit down, enjoy their morning coffee, surf Facebook for a bit… then, finally, get to work.

Another feature that came in quite handy was having emails Boomerang back to me if someone didn’t respond to one of my emails. That way, I could focus on planning my next travel destination instead of searching through my inbox to see who hadn’t replied to a message.

So thanks, Boomerang and Baydin, for making such an invaluable product… and for giving me such a great shirt. 🙂


Sunrise at the Great Wall of China

About the Author

Gregory Goodman is an award-winning travel photographer and storyteller. His work has appeared around the world in galleries, publications, airports, trade shows, malls, photo blogs and in his own National Geographic TV show.

You can check out more of Greg’s travels on his site Adventures of a Goodman or take a look at his photography portfolio at Greg Goodman Photography.


Greg Goodman at Xianggong Hill in Guangxi, China


  1. Thanks for the opportunity to write this and to be a part of the Boomerang and Baydin experience. You all are the best!!!

  2. Greg: Some great photos!

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