Boomerang Haikus from All of You

Posted By on May 28, 2015

Our customers are pretty awesome. Some of them traveled hundreds of miles to come to our Customer Party back in December, and over the years we’ve received dozens of limericks and haikus from our customers about Boomerang for Gmail, like this one:

Rastafarian Boomerang Haiku
by Judah Soledad (a pseudonym)
Mahn, you Boomerang?
Write it now, but sends later
Lots email, one love


So for National Haiku Day this year, we decided to create a place where our customers could share their Boomerang haikus with us in exchange for a Boomerang shirt. One tweet said it all:


The haikus we got back blew us away! We got haikus about people using Boomerang to avoid being discovered as a night owl:

Writing late at night
Needed to send a Gmail
Boomerang was there
– Lindsey N


Haikus from people feeling stressed about the amount of emails they get who were able to relax because Boomerang helps them keep things under control:

Email overload?
Need reminders, scheduled sends?
Boomerang saves day.
– Robert P


We all forget things,
mostly emails, now, relax,
Boomerang it back!
– Jenny C


And even a haiku talking about Boomerang keyboard shortcuts from a next-level Boomeranger:

Return to inbox:
Hit ‘b’ and enter a date
For inbox zero!
– Jonathan W


Thank you to everyone who submitted a haiku and to all of our customers! If you’re feeling inspired by some of these haikus and want to send us your own, we’ll gladly send you a shirt in exchange.




  1. Is this event still available? Would love to enter one haiku for a Boomerang shirt!

  2. Hi Jody,
    The Haiku contest is over but if you’d like to send in your Haiku submission to, we might consider it. No guarantee though. 🙂

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