Improved Magic, Speed, and other Bug Fixes!

Posted By on Oct 4, 2011

We told you we are working hard on a bunch of improvements and new features that we’re planning on rolling out over the next couple of months.  Last week we dropped the first one and we’ve already gotten a ton of positive feedback from our power users.  This week we’re back with a few more updates that we know you’re going to love.

So, what’s new?

An improved Boomerang by “magic” interface.

Ever noticed that Boomerang “magically” detects dates in messages and suggests a set of return times?  This feature isn’t new, but we changed up the interface to make it more clear.  We think you’ll find much more useful now.

Lighting fast speed—3x!

We know that Gmail users appreciate the quickness that they’ve come to trust from Google.  We also think that speed is supreme, so we made a few changes to really ramp things up.  Remember the “processing message” circle?  Yep, it’s pretty much just a memory now.


Other bugs are fixed.

For one reason or another,  the datepicker was previously unable schedule messages for “tomorrow at ___”.  But for all of you looking to Boomerang your messages for specific times tomorrow morning, you can now use “tomorrow” in combination with any particular time.

We also fixed a time zone bug, so you can use Boomerang in every time zone as you sail around the globe!

Cheers and enjoy,
The Baydin Team

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