What’s New in Boomerang 1.0 and Pricing Q&A

Posted By on Jul 20, 2011

Hey everybody!  Just wanted to share the email we sent to our beta customers, hopefully it answers some of your questions and gives you a kick…


We are excited to announce that Boomerang for Gmail has graduated from Beta and is now a 1.0 service! The plugin should update automatically, and you should notice many improvements (more details below).

Now that our beta period has ended, Boomerang is incorporating new pricing plans. To continue using Boomerang with unlimited messages, please subscribe to a paid Personal or Pro plan here.

Since you’re an early adopter of Boomerang, we’re providing a special discount on your subscription.

If you subscribe to a paid plan within 24 hours you will save 40% off of your subscription until you cancel. If you subscribe before September, this coupon will save you 15%.

See Pricing Plans

If you choose to not subscribe, your account will be converted to our free Boomerang Basic plan on September 1st, 2011. Boomerang Basic will allow you to continue using Boomerang service for a limited number of messages each month. If you have any questions regarding the new pricing plans, please see below.

What’s new in Boomerang 1.0?

We have made many reliability improvements and added new features requested by users in our recent summer update and this 1.0 update. You’ll now find you don’t need to save your drafts when sending later, and the service will feel more responsive throughout. We’ve also been busy making Boomerang work perfectly with all the recent changes in Gmail introduced by the Google+ roll out.

We’ve got a lot of great new stuff under development as well – a mobile application for Boomerang should be the next one to come out, with a few other frequent requests close behind. Most of the new improvements will only be available to our paying customers.

Pricing Q&A

What’s going to happen to if I don’t subscribe?
Starting September 1st 2011, you will be limited to 10 scheduled messages per month. All the messages you have scheduled before September 1st will be delivered as scheduled and will not affect your message limit. You’ll also miss out on upcoming features, like mobile support.

How do you count 10 messages a month for Boomerang Basic?
All messages you scheduled with Boomerang including Send Later, Boomerang and Track Response messages will be counted in your message credit for the month.

I paid for a subscription already, voluntarily.
Thank you so much! Your one-year subscription begins today, and should have already been activated. If you haven’t already heard from us, please email support@baydin.com.

I don’t have a credit card, what should I do?
Hang in there! We’re planning to offer annual subscriptions through PayPal or Google Checkout before September, when accounts will automatically downgrade.

I am using Boomerang for work. Will you give me a receipt so I can expense it?
Yes, we will send you a receipt you can use for expense reports. We recommend you subscribe to a yearly plan so that it will be less work for you.

My co-workers are using Boomerang too. Can we buy a group Boomerang subscription for our Google Apps domain?
Yes, we can set up a domain-wide account subscription for your organization. Please email us at sales@baydin.com.

But, but, but, didn’t you say “Free Forever!”?
No, we said Boomerang would be free during our beta period, which is now ending. We hope you enjoyed 11 months of free Boomerang – in fact, we hope you enjoyed it so much that you will subscribe to a paid plan!

We understand, but it is not free for us to run the service. Without subscriptions, we cannot keep the servers running or feed the development team — even on a ramen diet! Trust us, you’re not helping buy Ferraris and Port-glazed Kobe Beef – more like a bike and a couple orders of Pad Thai.

Thank you for your support!
– The Baydin Team

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