Knowledge is Half the Battle

Posted By on Jul 9, 2009

Shaving is not something I usually think about. Every so often, I would end up clogging the razor and eventually cutting my face. After running into my friend Holly who is a brand manager at Gillette, I learned how to improve my shaving experience with minimal effort. Here’s how it works:

  • Run water over the back of the blades. That’s it.

I used to rinse the blade from the front (blades facing me) but it would eventually get clogged. For some reason, the Mach 3 rinses out much better from the back. I haven’t cut my face since — knock on wood.

This got me thinking about the little things that make our lives easier. Microsoft has a way to index shared drives on a network. This is useful because desktop search can now find files on shared drives. We surveyed several companies involved in everything from medical devices to architecture. We discovered close to 100% of the companies used shared network drives to store information. Being able to find documents that your team mates share would be a boon so we posted some directions for Windows XP and Windows Vista on our FAQ. Note that this only works if you have Microsoft Desktop search, which comes with Office 2007 or Microsoft Vista.

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