Boomerang for Gmail Comes to Edge, Now Supports Five Browsers

Posted By on Jan 8, 2018

If you look around the Boomerang office, you might see any of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, or Edge on our screens. Like fine wines or cheeses, people have strong, personal preferences for certain web browsers. Google-philes love the ease of Chrome syncing with their accounts, open-source and privacy enthusiasts back Firefox, and Opera users are quick to point out that they had tabbed browsing first. Windows users take pride in knowing that Edge is the only browser that can stream Stranger Things in 4K, while Apple fans stick to the Safari experience that “just works” out-of-the-box with Airplay, iCloud syncing, and Apple Pay.

The good news is, no matter which of these browsers you use, you can now schedule and snooze email on all of them. We’re excited to announce that Boomerang for Gmail has expanded the set of browsers it supports with a new extension for Edge, meaning you can schedule and snooze messages using the browser that ships with every Windows 10 PC. You can get it today on the Microsoft Store.

Get Boomerang for Gmail on Edge

Edge is now installed on more than 1 in 4 computers, and has quickly become one of the most widely available browsers. It’s pretty great on a number of fronts, not only is it the only browser to support 4K streaming on Netflix, it features impressive battery savings, and is part of Microsoft’s focus on embracing new, open web standards (as well as browser extensions.) So supporting the new browser on the block was an easy decision to make. We’re thrilled to bring Boomerang for Gmail to Edge, and it joins our sister product Boomerang for Outlook in allowing users to schedule and snooze email on Microsoft platforms.

Between our support for Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari, and Opera, 80% of the Internet’s desktop traffic now happens on a browser that supports Boomerang for Gmail. We also complement our desktop offerings with native apps for iOS and Android that bring your favorite Boomerang features to mobile. So hop on your favorite browser or smartphone and try Boomerang today!

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Browser No. 5!
A little bit of Firefox in my life
A little bit of Safari by my side
A little bit of Chrome is all I need
A little bit of Opera is what I see
A little bit of Edge in the sun
A little riff of Lou Bega that went on too long.

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