Boomerang for Gmail and Opera, Together At Last

Posted By on Aug 10, 2016

Boomerang for Gmail is now for Opera. Click to download it today.
Opera has long pioneered browser features that become industry standard, such as tabbed browsing, pop-up blocking, and private browsing. Similarly, we at Boomerang have seen our email innovations widely adopted. (We brought snoozing to Gmail before it was called snoozing!) Both Opera and Boomerang boost user productivity, so it’s only logical that the two should work together. Today they do. We are excited to announce that the full Boomerang for Gmail experience is now available for Opera users.

Get Boomerang for Gmail (for Opera!)

We heard Opera users’ requests, and have made Boomerang for Gmail into an official Opera extension that can be installed in seconds with any version of Opera released since July 2013 (Opera 15+). We worked hard to make sure Opera users got the same quality experience millions have come to love: every feature that Boomerang users have in Chrome, Firefox, and Safari is fully supported in Opera for both Gmail and Google Apps mail users:

  • Send Later – Schedule your emails to send at a later and more optimal time.
  • Snooze Messages – Dismiss emails you don’t need right now, and have them return to the top of your inbox at the time of your choosing. Perfect for bills and flight itineraries!
  • Follow-Up Reminders – Get automatic reminders to follow-up on emails that don’t get read or responded to.
  • Email Tracking –  Add cross-platform read receipts to your emails and know whether your email was read or if any of its included links were clicked.
  • Recurring Emails Write an email once and schedule it to send out repeatedly into the future. Perfect for any occasion or interval, whether it be timesheet reminders, fridge cleanout warnings, or reminding yourself to buy a new monthly transit pass!

Boomerang working seamlessly in Opera!

As we add more exciting features to Boomerang for Gmail (stay tuned!), Opera users will get those too. We’re committed to letting our users use their favorite Gmail plugin within their favorite browser, and are thrilled to add Opera to the list of browsers we support.

So what are you waiting for? 

Add Boomerang for Gmail (for Opera!)

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