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Posted By on Jan 9, 2014

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tl;dr – Here’s how to manage scheduled messages inside of Gmail:

  1. Click on the Boomerang icon in the top right of your Gmail inbox
  2. Choose “Manage Scheduled Messages” from the menu
  3. On the left side of the screen, choose “Messages to Send Later”
  4. Select the message that you want to edit
  5. Choose Edit, Reschedule, Send Now, or Don’t Send

Way back in the summer of 2010, when we first released Boomerang, we forgot to include any way to edit, reschedule, or cancel messages you scheduled with Boomerang. Oops! Our engineers spent a weekend in a dark room coding furiously, and our Manage Page was born.

The Manage Page has worked pretty well throughout the years, but it always felt like it would be better if you could just work with your scheduled messages inside Gmail. Now, we’re happy to report that you can!

To get started, just open up any of your scheduled messages inside Gmail. You’ll see new data and buttons at the top of the message, like so:

It works for any email you’ve used Boomerang on – whether it’s send later, snooze, response tracking, read receipts, send-if-no-reply messages, recurring messages, notes, or any combination of Boomerang’s features. Inline Manage is available for all users on all of our plans.

We took the time to build the functionality in a robust, thoughtful way, so Boomerang will remain reliable and trustworthy with these new features.

Need to download Boomerang again?

Having trouble?

If you aren’t seeing the new functionality, try completely closing your browser and restarting. Still not seeing it? There are two cases where Inline Manage won’t show up on a message you used Boomerang with. If the message has already been sent/returned, Inline Manage will not load for that message. Second, if you use our Email Game product, Inline Manage will not show up for messages you scheduled through it — only through the Boomerang extension or our Boomerang App for Android.

If you’re still having trouble with Inline Manage (or with anything else), we’re happy to help! Just drop us a note at!

A Couple Minor Changes

We made a couple minor tweaks to the way we handle a couple types of email messages to make this functionality work even better.

First, Boomerang can now apply a new label to messages it brings back to your attention: Boomerang-Returned. Messages that Boomerang returns to your Inbox now have an option to be labeled Boomerang-Returned rather than just keeping the Boomerang label on the message.The Boomerang label, going forward, will only be applied to messages that have not been returned yet and will be removed once the message comes back to your Inbox.

That way, it’s easier to keep track of which messages need your attention and which ones are waiting for Boomerang to handle them still. To enable or disable the Boomerang-Returned label, click the Boomerang menu in the top right corner of your Gmail window, and choose Settings.

Second, we’ve changed the way recurring messages are stored while they are waiting to be sent. It used to be quite easy to delete the original “seed” message that Boomerang used as a template for recurring messages, since it was included in the conversation view for the sent messages.

Now, template messages for recurring emails are broken off into their own, separate conversation. In order to make the conversation view work correctly all of the time, recurring template messages now have Recurring:prepended to the subject line. Boomerang will remove this when sending the message, so your recipients will never see it.

We have not made any changes to how regular Send Later emails behave.

Finally, we’ve removed the (X) next to the Boomerang and Boomerang-Outbox labels for messages that are currently scheduled. Removing those labels while messages are still waiting to be sent or returned breaks Boomerang, so using the inline manage feature to cancel messages should help Boomerang work even better for you.

We have a lot more updates for Boomerang slated this quarter – including some seriously powerful features that you’ve requested. Stay tuned for more!

P.S. We hope 2014 is off to a great start for you! If wrangling your Inbox is one of your New Year’s Resolutions, we can’t recommend our free 21-day Email Management Course enough!

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