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Posted By on Oct 8, 2012

Hi, everyone. I’m Xavi and I’m happy to announce that I’m Baydin’s newest Front-end Developer.

I’ve been a fan of Baydin since the company first started in Boston. The productivity space is something that I’m passionate about. Their improvements to email are definitely needed in today’s work environment, and I’ve been a happy, early user of Boomerang for Gmail, the Email Game, Boomerang Calendar, and all the others.

I grew up in Mission, Texas. I went to MIT where I studied Computer Science. My favorite classes were 6.042 (Mathematics for Computer Science [aka Discrete Math]) and the Magic of Magnets. In 2006, I participated in ADPrentice where I got a crash course in entrepreneurship with our CEO Alex Moore.

After college and realizing that front-end development was my calling, I stayed in Boston to work for VistaPrint and Novell. Later, I moved to Bay Area to work with Zynga. If you’ve played Cityville, you’ve seen some of my work!

After working for several large companies, I was ready for something new. I’ve always been interested in startups, and I’ve worked with Alex and known him for nearly 10 years, so joining Baydin was a no-brainer. I was impressed by Baydin’s technical ability and how quickly they could build. I’m excited to help bring Baydin to the next level.

My first month of working at Baydin: Not bad! My next task is to upgrade our source control to git. I’m hoping that someday I can convince our team to try using node.js for one of next projects.

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