New Google Menu Bar prompts Boomerang update

Posted By on Feb 16, 2011

A few hours ago, we started getting emails and tweets from users about Boomerang disappearing. As it turns out, Google started rolling out their new menu bar to a subset of users and by now, it may have rolled out to everyone. If you haven’t got one, it looks like this.

It’s pretty, isn’t it?

We set to work making Boomerang work perfectly with Google’s new & shiny menu bar. And we have pushed out the latest release to both Chrome and Firefox.

If you are not seeing Boomerang, please follow these steps to get the new version in your browser.

Chrome Update Instructions:

If you are using Chrome, the update should appear in a few hours. But if you can’t wait, here is how to update.

Click on Wrench icon (Settings) on your Chrome browser.  Then click Tools > Extensions.

In the page that lists all your extensions, click the plus icon next to Developer mode as shown below.

Inside the expanded section, you will see 3 buttons. Click on the “Update extensions now” button.

Click the update button

Confirm that Boomerang for Gmail is now at version 0.9.2. And you are all set.

Firefox update instructions:

If you are using Firefox, the update usually takes longer. So you should probably go ahead and update this. First click on Tools  menu  > Addons. Then click on “Find Updates” button at the bottom left corner.

Check “Include this update” check box next to Boomerang for Gmail. Then click “Install Updates” button at the bottom right corner.

And confirm Boomerang for Gmail is now at 0.9.2 version.

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