Introducing Boomerang

Posted By on Feb 27, 2010

Baydin quietly launched a new product today. We call it Boomerang, and it is a snooze button for your email.  It lets you take a message out of your inbox for a period of time, and then, when you are ready to follow up, it returns the message to your inbox and flags it and/or marks it unread. 

Check it out here:

Why Boomerang?

Over the past few months, we spent a lot of time talking with people about how Baydin could make their interactions with email more satisfying.  We found that talking about improving email made us magnets for our customers’ general concerns about email – not just finding information. Over and over again, we heard frustrations about trying to manage an enormous amount of email, feeling overwhelmed, and losing track of information.

Boomerang is a response to that problem.  It’s incredibly easy to use.  Here’s how:

  1. Right-click a message, and tell Boomerang when you want to see it again
  2. Boomerang moves the message out of your inbox (into a special Boomerang folder it creates, so you can always access the message)
  3. At the time you specified, Boomerang moves the message back into your inbox.

portland-japanese-gardensThe funny thing is, while we thought it would be an interesting idea, we didn’t think we’d use it that much ourselves. But what we found was that Boomerang helped us stay on top of our own messages a lot more than we expected.

Last week, I got an email asking me to remind someone on the 22nd.  A couple clicks later, I didn’t have to worry about whether or not I’d remember to follow up.  I didn’t have to think about that message again until when it was time to deal with it.  My inbox (and my brain) were at peace. 

Try it now!

Sound interesting? Try it for free for two weeks, and if you like it, we’re taking 50% off the price for customers who purchase it during beta. Let us know what you think, and look for more great stuff from us soon!

What about Baydin (the automatic search product)?

It’s not going anywhere.  In fact, we’ll be releasing Alpha 6 sometime in the next two weeks.  Although now that Baydin Inc. makes more than one product we’re probably going to be renaming it. 


  1. A little overview about the tech behind it would be nice? Do the addons keep a database and re-arrange the emails according to it? Are the emails transmitted to your servers?

  2. What happened? I downloaded a trial edition a few months ago, was offered the program for $15.00 less 20% ($12.00). I procrastinated (we procrastinators are your target audience, aren’t we?), decided to spring for it and see that it has now doubled in price. Shouldn’t we receive a notification before price increases? Isn’t 100% increase a little extreme?

  3. We kept the old purchase page up for several weeks after we made the pricing change to try to grandfather the folks who downloaded when it was $15 in, but people were Googling it and buying through the old page, so we had to take it down.

    If it helps, we’re a 3 person super-lean startup, so you’re not bankrolling Porsches and mansions. 🙂 More like hamburger helper and train fare…


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