Posts made in May, 2009

How cheap should we be?

Posted By on May 29, 2009

As Baydin has started, I’ve heard a number of different voices on how cheap a startup should be.  Those voices have almost universally concentrated toward the extremes – they advise either being incredibly, incredibly cheap (buy nothing, get furniture from the sidewalk when people throw it out, trade time for money always) or spending money like a sailor in port (buy everything, buy luxury, hire expensive service providers, trade...

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Effective Phone Interviews

Posted By on May 25, 2009

Alex and I spent some portion of our time phone interviewing potential interns for the summer. Unfortunately, the resume is often an inaccurate indicator of one’s programming ability. In a previous existence, we could throw money at that problem – we’d review a resume and then FLY a candidate in to interview. The candidate would go through nine interviews with various engineers, designers and marketers on-site. At...

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When You are THE MAN

Posted By on May 22, 2009

Our friends have asked us if we were nervous about going out on our own, especially with the economy as it is. Alex and I have wanted to do our own thing for a while. We call this yearning “not wanting to work for The Man.” We, to a large degree, control our own destiny. That means we need to simultaneously market our company, raise capital, develop the product and run an office. It’s only been two weeks and...

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A few posts back, we talked about why search on the desktop works a lot better than it did just a few years ago.  In this post, we’ll talk about how desktop search hasn’t kept up as the way we find and consume content on our computers has changed. As recently as 2000, the deluge of emails, files, podcasts, blog posts and everything else that we have to keep track of was more like a drizzle.  The average hard drive held about...

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How do you feel about… telepathy?

Posted By on May 15, 2009

Whenever I ask friends what superpower they would most want, one person would say “I want to read minds.” This can be a double-edged sword. Baydin will get you more than half-way there. We can’t tell you how just yet but I’m curious to know what people think about being so empowered. There’s also a Baydin page on Facebook if you want to join in on the discussion...

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